Adrian & Stephanie

Married in 2016

Adrian & Stephanie

Married in 2016


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About Us

We both grew up in Long Beach, California with older siblings who we looked up to and followed around. We played sports, had sleepovers with friends, and enjoyed playing outside. While we love our dads endlessly, each of us had a special relationship with our mom. Fond memories from childhood make us excited to expand our family.

We each bring different traditions from our cultures into our marriage. Adrian grew up making tamales with his family on Christmas Eve, with a large gathering of family and loud music in the background. Adrian’s dad worked on the dough while his mom was on the stove making the fillings. They would stay up until midnight celebrating the holidays.

On our first Christmas together, Adrian was shocked to find out Stephanie expected to wake up EARLY Christmas morning to celebrate. An early morning followed by a late night- now that’s what we call Christmas! While we haven’t perfected our tamale techniques, we do enjoy making and eating them.

The values we learned from our parents helped us blossom in our marriage. Our parents have taught us how to be supportive, giving and compassionate spouses to one another. Our values have gotten us through several hard times in our marriage. We lost Stephanie’s mom in 2015, our sister-in-law in 2016, and struggled to conceive both naturally and with IVF. In moments like this, we appreciate even more than usual the love and support we have found in each other.



Hello! Thank you for making the beautiful choice for life and considering us for the most precious gift. We are fun, outgoing, loving and family-oriented people. While it is not natural for us to write about ourselves and a bit difficult to put everything we want you to know into this short profile, we hope you will see the love and life we wish to provide a little one.

In 2010, Stephanie moved from Long Beach, California to Virginia to live closer to her older brother. The next summer, while visiting friends back in California, Stephanie met Adrian. Our connection was instant and deep and we pursued a long-distance relationship, spending many days talking on the phone for hours.

Long-distance dating required patience, commitment and clear communication. We got to know the core of each other. We know how to comfort each other, how to make each other laugh and how to solve problems together. We are each other’s best friends.

Because of his love and commitment to Stephanie, after a year of dating, Adrian moved across the country. We were married in 2016 and have been building our life together in Virginia ever since.

Throughout our relationship, we’ve known we want children and have always been open to adoption. Stephanie’s mom was adopted; she always appreciated the choice her birth parents made and cherished the life her parents provided. After being unable to conceive, we decided to pursue adoption. We have lots of love to give and are very excited to start our family.



I got to know Stephanie through stories and conversations. While we were dating, we spoke daily on the phone despite the three-hour time difference. As I listened to stories describing her interactions with friends and students, I discovered that Stephanie is the most thoughtful, caring and patient person I have ever met. Whether she is spending extra time to help a struggling student, or planning a special celebration for a friend, Stephanie’s kind heart is always serving others.

As a teacher, Stephanie takes the time to listen and learn about each of her students. Each kid knows that Stephanie is on their side. She gives her love to those around her, and I know I am a better man for having her in my life. She encourages my dreams while making sure to push me outside of my comfort zone and I eagerly await the day I get to see her provide this same support to a little one.

Stephanie’s Favorites: 

Weekend Activity: Brunch

Holiday: Thanksgiving and Christmas

Vacation Spot: Beach

Tasty Treat: Ice Cream

Sport: Soccer- Go Manchester United!

TV Channel: Hallmark



While we were dating, I often found myself imagining what a great father Adrian would be. His cheerful spirit and cheesy jokes could make anyone (especially a child) smile. Watching him with our nieces and nephews melts my heart. Over the past five years, I’ve witnessed him fulfill the role of the world's best uncle. He generously gives our nieces and nephews his time and does anything to make them laugh. Adrian has adopted their interests including soccer, karate, chess, hide-and-seek and make-believe. He shows them the same patience, kindness and devotion he shows me- he never misses an opportunity to celebrate their wins and successes.

His job as a security guard showcases his willingness to always help anyone in need, whether he knows them personally or if they are just passing thru. He has a huge, generous heart and always goes above and beyond. He listens intently to figure out how to be supportive to friends and strangers alike. I am incredibly blessed to call him my husband and best friend.

Adrian’s Favorites: 

Weekend Activity: Watching movies- He is great with movie trivia too!

Holiday: Christmas

Vacation Spot: Hawaii

Tasty Treat: Ice Cream

Superhero: Superman…but really all of them!



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