Allan & Kami

Married in 2008

Allan & Kami

Married in 2008


3 children
Quary Superintendent
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Ethnicity: _No Preference, African American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Biracial, Caucasian, Hispanic/Latino, Middle Eastern, Native American
Age: 00-03 Months

About Us

We're Allan and Kami. Thank you for taking a moment to look at our profile. We believe in and love God very much, and we have seen Him help us through our hard times. We know that He will help you too, and hopefully you can feel His love and strength lifting you through this time in your life. We hope that as you get a little peek into our lives you will receive the inspiration you are seeking for your precious little one. Our story began at church, when Allan introduced himself to Kami. She was immediately impressed by his friendliness, and Kami’s open nature and beautiful blue eyes intrigued Allan. On our first date, he stole Kami’s heart with his lighthearted dance to the restaurant music when he thought she wasn’t watching. We quickly fell in love and the rest is history. After three years of marriage, we learned that adoption was the only way we could grow our family. Over the next six years we were blessed to adopt our two daughters and our son. Our children have brought so much joy to our lives. We are incredibly blessed to be their parents. Our lives have taken us many places. We lived in Utah while Allan completed school, moved to Arizona for his first job, moved to Idaho to further Allan's career, and finally ended up back in Utah. We love our quiet, little town. We cannot wait to continue growing our family in this home.   ALL ABOUT ALLAN For Allan, the hardest part of an adoption profile is talking about himself. He would probably just say, “I think too often like an engineer, I like to wear shorts and tall socks, and I like to have fun” and then direct the conversation somewhere else. If you stuck around for a while though, you would see that he is devoted to our family, and we always have first dibs on his time and attention. Allan often leaves little love notes around the house or brings flowers or treats home for me and the kids. He enjoys making us happy and knows he succeeded when he can see my laugh wrinkles, Ava's dimples, Elsha's happy dance, and Stafford's shouts of joy. Allan is a good man and helps others whenever he can (he even enjoys helping people move!) Allan enjoys working with his hands, making things out of wood, and loves having the kids help with his home projects. He works hard to provide for our family. His favorite time of day is when he arrives home from work, when he can spend time with his family!   GETTING TO KNOW KAMI Kami finds deep joy in being with and taking care of children, as well as in the Fine Arts, especially modern dance and musical theatre. She is quick to help a lost child, most attentive to anything a child has to say, and happy to join in whatever game the children are playing. Kami is open and accepting of all people – she never judges by appearance – but children are her favorite. She is a great mother to our children, and I know that any child would be lucky to have her in their life. In high school, Kami was a cheerleader and carries that spirit with her today as she enthusiastically cheers me and the kids on in whatever we are trying to do. Her quiet strength gets us through the tough times, and her playfulness makes the good times even better. Though she is by far the girliest of the six sisters in her family, she also loves cheesy action hero movies. She even once ate a raw egg to win a family reunion game and satisfy her competitive streak. She is our wonderful lady, and we love her! THE LITTLES SPOTLIGHTING AVA Ava is a sweet, kind, and loving girl that has a mischievous streak. Playful and full of imagination, she loves to dance, swing, and splash in puddles. Ava loves music and can often be found chilling outside with her music and an activity book. A proud sister, she loves to play with and take care of her siblings. She initiates family hugs and family playtime, and we are so grateful that she does! Whether Ava is helping to set the table, unload the dishwasher, or make dinner, she is always quick to assist.   MEET ELSHA Elsha is a happy, darling girl who loves to be tickled and cuddled. She spends much of her day caring for her baby dolly, serving her meals and putting her down for naps. Her love of music and dancing often leaves her squealing with joy. Elsha’s goal is to do everything her siblings do and is determined to follow their every move. Elsha demonstrates her huge personality and spunk with her expressive facial expressions and gestures. She has Down Syndrome and would be greatly blessed by more siblings to mimic and learn from. Like most people with Down Syndrome, she has a gentle, happy demeanor and is a light in our family.   TALKING ABOUT STAFFORD Our little bulldozer, Stafford is extremely curious, into everything, and always wants to help. He's obsessed with backhoes, "coes", and tools. He is an attentive brother to his sisters, kissing their "owies", comforting them when they're sad, and teasing them mercilessly. He can often be found taking something apart to see how it works and then insisting on helping to put it back together.

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