Bill & Lauren

Married in 7

Bill & Lauren

Married in 7


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School Psychologist
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Ethnicity: Caucasian
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About Us

Hello, we are Bill and Lauren! We want you to know that we recognize and admire your courage and strength and are grateful you are taking the time to learn more about us.

Our story began in August 2003 while attending the same college. Neither of us was looking for a serious relationship then; however, that quickly changed the night a mutual friend introduced us. We dated for the next three years while finishing college, followed by an additional three years of long-distance as Lauren completed graduate school out of state. Bill was extremely supportive of Lauren furthering her education, even if it meant being hundreds of miles apart. We would spend weekends visiting one another and making the most of our time together with beach days at Lake Michigan, sporting events, and movie nights. Although the distance was difficult, it made us stronger and more confident in our commitment to one another! In 2009, Lauren completed graduate school and returned to Michigan, where we immediately moved in together.

Over the last 13 years, we’ve traveled, bought our first home, became pet parents, and married in the summer of 2015. Raising a child has always been our dream and a constant theme in our life plans. We are excited and hopeful about the idea of welcoming a child into our lives through adoption.

Our Journal


Lauren will always greet you with a genuine smile and a positive attitude. She has a way of making others feel included and noticing when someone needs a little extra attention. She is warm, caring, and compassionate. Working as a School Psychologist has given her a unique outlook on child development and a great perspective on the impact of a healthy home and loving family. An added bonus is that she works school hours and has the summers off, which I know will help create a strong bond and lasting memories as a mother.

“Aunt Lolo” is how Lauren is known by all our friends’ children. She frequently takes them on “adventure days” and spoils them. Lauren is well organized and keeps an ongoing list of new spots to visit or restaurants to try. While she may not be an adventure seeker in terms of outdoor sports, she makes sure we have fun activities to look forward to throughout the year.

Lauren is also a fantastic aunt to our nieces and nephew. Over the holidays, they are all drawn to her and enjoy the one-on-one attention she gives each and every one of them. She enjoys playing board games, so they always look forward to sitting around the kitchen table for hours. I really do enjoy watching Lauren interact with the kids because it seems to come so naturally to her. They always warm up to her quickly, and she immediately gets pulled into whatever they do.


When you first meet Bill, you will immediately notice his easygoing and lighthearted personality. I love how he doesn’t take himself too seriously and is always the first of the group to throw out a funny movie line or lighten the mood. Bill is a successful engineer and takes time to mentor new employees in the office. He has a lot of energy and many hobbies! On the weekends, Bill will wake up early to mountain bike and make it home early enough for us to spend a full day together at Lake Michigan. He is also a fabulous cook and keeps a binder filled with original and family recipes. I imagine him making Sunday morning breakfast a fun tradition as a dad!

Bill is one of the most generous people I have ever met. When I arranged a surprise party for his birthday, he bought a gift for each person who attended! It also warms my heart to see how he volunteers his free time to help our parents as they age and doesn’t ask for anything in return.

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