Daniel & Janice

Married in 2018

Daniel & Janice

Married in 2018


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Ethnicity: Caucasian
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Hi, we are Janice and Dan. Thank you so much for taking the time to review our profile and allowing us to share a little bit about our lives.

We met in 2014 at work and bonded over Michigan State basketball during March Madness, and our connection didn't end there. We soon discovered we both have strong family ties, love to give back to the community, and enjoy hosting gatherings for family and friends. We love to help create fun memories. Whether it's hosting a backyard movie night and BBQ or getting friends together for a hike; bringing people we love together brings us joy.

We married in 2018 surrounded by our families and friends.It was a chilly, rainy day in April. Crummy weather never felt so beautiful or left us so happy! We were anxious to start a family right away and though we struggled with infertility, we always had a heart for adoption, and because of that, choosing this path has been filled with peace. Once we started this journey, we began praying for you and your family.

We have a strong faith in God and believe He has called us on this amazing journey. We regularly talk about our adventures and the added joy children will bring to them. We look forward to experiencing and sharing life with children. We live in a great neighborhood that hosts fun events for families throughout the year like an ice cream social, bike parade, egg hunt, and Halloween party.



Dan is thoughtful, fun and compassionate. One of the first things that drew me to him was his kindness towards coworkers, and it continues to be one of the things I love about him. He always takes time to talk with people; he remembers important bits of their lives and asks about them. He lives open-handedly, helping where he can with the resources he has to offer.

Family, financial wellness (I called him ‘Finance’ when we first met), and the Michigan State Spartans – those are Dan’s passions. He roots for the Spartans whether they're winning or losing, and loves to go to games. He talks regularly with his parents and brother, and we do dinner with them often. He stands up for friends, family and coworkers and wants to make sure peoples voices are heard.

Dan likes to make people laugh. He's always making me laugh with his goofy dance moves and his love for our cat, Pearl. He jokingly calls Pearl his best friend. She is much like him in her gentleness and faithful nature.

The children in our life are naturally drawn to Dan’s goofy nature. His two godchildren absolutely adore him. He doesn't hesitate to play make-believe, or bounce around with the kids until they all collapse in belly-laughs and exhaustion.



I was drawn to Janice because she has the biggest heart.  She is always looking for ways to bring people together as well as doing thoughtful things for others.  She is very passionate about helping those in need especially children and is heavily involved in her Kiwanis Club as their Secretary.

Janice is very close to her family, and her mother is her best friend.  The two spend a lot of time together.  They like to work in the yard, put together puzzles, and take shopping trips. Janice also really enjoys spending time with other family members.She adores our niece Lennon (Age 3).  In fact, she calls Lennon her best friend and when she receives videos from her brother of crazy antics Lennon does it brings a huge smile to her face. She talks about how much fun it will be to have Lennon 'show the ropes' to her future cousins.

Anyone who knows Janice knows her love for Christmas, cats and kids. It brings her real joy to fill the house with Christmas lights and decorations. She likes to cook and host Family Christmas and other events at our home. She always makes sure to have something fun for the kids to do. It became a Christmas tradition to create a saran wrap ball filled with small gifts for the kids to unravel as part of a game.

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