Ellie & Austin

Married in 2014

Ellie & Austin

Married in 2014


1 child
X-Ray Technologist
Waiting since

Adoption Preferences

Ethnicity: African American
Age: 00-03 Months

About Us

Our story began in high school when we met and began dating. We were instantly best friends and had such a deep connection even as teenagers. Austin moved away to college and we continued to date throughout college until we were married in 2014. Being long distance and keeping a strong relationship helped us learn to communicate effectively and made our bond stronger. Since we were married, we have been inseparable! We have been through many ups and down together and have navigated through rough waters as a team. We can’t imagine life without each other’s constant support. We had always wanted to adopt, and after Ellie encountered many medical issues and a few failed fertility treatments, we felt God was putting us right where we need to be, starting our family with adoption. Parenting Dukane is just amazing, and we look forward to our family growing again!

Our Journal

Ellie on Austin
I haven’t done anything in my life to deserve such an amazingly giving, humbled, kind-hearted, and honest husband as Austin. God knew what He was doing when He gave me Austin. Austin not only takes care of our family by working, but he is constantly making sure I am comfortable and taken care of at home. We have grown up into our adult lives together and know each other’s next move before we make them. Austin is so caring and compassionate to everyone he encounters and I have loved watching him become a dad. Austin and Dukane are best friends and do everything together. When Dukane was a small baby Austin would wrap him up in our Moby wrap and wear him while he coached basketball. He is such a caring dad and so hands on. Everything from bath time, to cooking dinner, to wrestling on the bed, he is always involved and always loving our son to the fullest.

Austin on Ellie
Ellie is my best friend, my soul mate, and my partner in crime. She is such a strong individual and is constantly pulling me through the tough situations that we have faced in life. Ellie is so incredibly compassionate and nothing shows this more than her love for animals. Nothing would make her more pleased than to rescue every dog from every shelter in the country, but fortunately for me…we do not have the space for that many pups. She is not afraid to try anything and the thing that impresses me the most is that of all the things she tries, she works and works until she has mastered it. She has done this with motherhood as well. She has perfected caring for our son in the most gentle and passionate way. She made all his baby food from scratch and is always finding the perfect activities and ideas for Dukane. She puts her all into being a mom and we are so lucky to have her as our wife and mama.

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