Jeremy & Andrea

Married in 2003

Jeremy & Andrea

Married in 2003


2 children
Mechanical Engineer
Waiting since

Adoption Preferences

Ethnicity: African American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Biracial, Caucasian, Hispanic/Latino, Middle Eastern, Native American
Age: 00-03 Months

About Us

Hi, we are Jeremy and Andrea. We have two kids, a daughter (14) and son (10), who we adopted as infants. However, we feel like our family is not yet complete and would like our kids to have a brother and sister.

Our family story began all the way back in 2002, when we met in college. Jeremy was the one who noticed Andrea first, but once he introduced himself, she was smitten. Well, maybe smitten is overdoing it. She was anything but. Fortunately, Jeremy’s roommate was dating Andrea’s roommate, so he had enough opportunity to be persistent and finally won her over. We dated for a year and grew our relationship by attending Church together, spending time with each other’s families, and studying together. Jeremy proposed in 2003 and we were married later that year. Since then, we’ve added our two children, a home, and a couple of pets. Our faith in Jesus Christ plays a big role in our family too. We are very active in our Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints).

Any child who joins our family will immediately have a brother and sister who have been waiting years for them to come. They’ll also have parents who will do everything they can to provide them with a loving home and opportunity to fulfill their potential. In our home, they will be loved, nurtured, surrounded by lots of extended family and friends. They’ll be educated, taught to love the Lord and His goodness, and provided with opportunities to see and try new things.

As a family, we enjoy playing games, Friday movie nights, playing in the water, family trips, bike rides, getting together with family and close friends

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