Kevin & Jessica

Married in 2019

Kevin & Jessica

Married in 2019


0 children
Lawn Care Technician
Registered Nurse
Waiting since

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Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 00-03 Months, 04 - 12 Months

About Us

Hello, we are Jessica and Kevin! Our story began in the Fall of 2017 on a dating website. From our first date, we knew we had found the person we had been looking for. We were both raised in close-knit family environments with large extended families, and we both wanted to one day have a family of our own. Throughout dating, we found out how many common goals, experiences, outlooks, and passions we shared.

We have gone on many trips close to home and around the country, as we love to travel and go on adventures. We soon realized there was never a more incredible adventure than to continue our lives together and raise a family together.

Soon after our wedding, we began trying to have a baby, but unfortunately, after a couple of rounds of fertility treatments, we found out that we were unable to conceive. We still knew that we wanted nothing more than to be parents, which led us to open adoption to finally become parents to a beautiful child.

Our Journal


Throughout my life, I've been someone that others have come to for advice and encouragement, and I cannot wait to pass on what I have learned to a child. Over the years, I have worked in many professions, from firefighting retail to medical positions. I currently work for a lawn care business, which is a family-centered company that challenges me with new experiences every day. All these positions have centered on helping people, which I love!

After meeting Jessica, I knew we would make a great team as a married couple and future parents. We are very excited about the opportunity to raise a child and share many new and exciting experiences as a family.


I am a planner, very detail-oriented, and something of a perfectionist, though I'm learning to relax more as time goes by. After college, I started my professional career as an interior designer, which brought out my creative, artistic, and detail-oriented side. However, as I got older, my nurturing side began to emerge, and I felt a calling to become a nurse.

I spent many years focusing on my career, but as time passed, I prioritized starting a family. I am very passionate about my career in nursing and love that as a nurse, I have developed a strong sense of caring and nurturing that has intensified my lifelong goal of becoming a mother.

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