Kyle & Brittany

Married in 2011

Kyle & Brittany

Married in 2011


2 children
Associate Director, Corporate Relations University Advancement
Inside Sales Support
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Age: 00-03 Months

About Us

We are Kyle and Brittany and want to start off by saying how humbled we are that you would take the time to get to know our family. We are truly in awe of the loving choice you have made. We don't take lightly your decision. We have been praying not only for this baby but for your heart, as well. Our hope and prayer is that this small book would give you a glimpse into our caring and fun-loving family, and that you would feel a sense of peace and comfort, whatever your decision may be.

We have two daughters on earth, but we also have two daughters in Heaven. In January of 2019 our daughter, Emery, passed away when Brittany was 34 weeks pregnant with her, and most recently, our daughter, Cambria, passed away at 35 weeks in August of 2022. We miss them every day and cherish the time we had with each of them while they were still growing inside Brittany's belly. Emery and Cambria's lives have given us the perspective of knowing how truly fragile and precious life is. As a result, we have learned to treasure every single moment of it as a gift. We have an immense amount of love in our hearts to welcome another baby. We are incredibly excited at the thought of adding to our family through the precious gift of adoption. Thank you for considering us!

We met through a mutual friend at the gym in the winter of 2009. We are both avid runners and would often spend our early mornings or evenings at the gym. We were introduced, exchanged pleasantries, and then went our separate ways. It wasn't until several months later when a message appeared from Kyle in Brittany's social media inbox that things started to take off. He re-introduced himself, and the electronic conversations began. Eventually, he worked up the courage to ask her out and we had our first date in April 2010. Kyle took Brittany to her favorite restaurant and then to a spot that overlooked the whole city. Brittany left the date thinking that Kyle wasn't that interested in her because he talked the entire time without much of a pause to let her join in. It turns out he was just extremely nervous and couldn't stop talking!

Kyle proposed at the top of a sand dune at dusk during the summer of 2011. The answer from Brittany was a resounding YES, and we were married the following April in the presence of our family and friends.

During the first few years of our marriage, we enjoyed traveling the country together. Some of our favorite vacation spots are Charleston, Philadelphia, Boston, and Northern Michigan in the summertime. It was about two and a half years into our marriage when we decided we were ready to expand our family. In November of 2015, we welcomed our first daughter, Ainsley, into the world, and our daughter, Selah, in May 2020. We know that our family is not complete and are anticipating a future with another little one.

Our Journal


Kyle is just one of those people that you can always count on, not only as a husband and father but also as a friend and colleague. He is protective and loyal and never meets a stranger. You never have to worry about awkward silences when Kyle is around. He is the extrovert to my introverted personality-a perfect balance. I am grateful for the way he works so hard to provide for our family so that I can be at home part-time with our girls. One of the things that attracted me most to him in our early years of dating was the intentional way he always made me feel special. He was constantly leaving me notes on my car at work or planning special outings for us.

He has the same intentionality in his role as a dad. One of his favorite things is to take Ainsley and Selah on "adventures" like hot chocolate dates, going to the farm to see all the animals, or taking a trip to the hardware store. Reading books before bed is another way he loves to connect with our girls each day. He is always looking for opportunities to spend time with them.

Kyle's hobbies include running, gardening, tinkering around the house, and looking for projects to complete. In the last several years he has taken on the role of director for several running races in the area. He loves the challenge of coordinating all the details and then watching it all come together on race day. Kyle is truly the rock of our family.


As a mother and wife, Brittany is the loving super glue that holds the family together. Brittany selflessly plans and cooks the family meals, does the shopping, ensures that the girls have clothing and shoes that fit and are clean, coordinates the calendar of after-school activities, and undertakes so many of the daily activities that keep our house functioning.

She is a role model for our girls when they see her praying, reading her Bible, working out, helping others, and being a loving wife. She is intentional about spending undivided time with each of our girls. One of the ways she does this is by going for a run with Ainsley every weekend.

One of the traits that attracted me to Brittany when we first started dating was her commitment to her family, friends, work, and training for running races. Years later, Brittany brings this same commitment to our family in the way she serves all of us and prioritizes activities and time together, helping our family grow and strengthening our bond. An example of this is how it's important to her that we sit down for dinner as a family most evenings. She is a beautiful and loving mom and wife and is looking forward to another child calling her "mom".


Ainsley has the biggest heart and is always looking for ways to care for the needs of others. One of her latest endeavors was donating candy to adolescents who are currently in a juvenile correction facility. Her ability to make friends is impressive, and she is a natural-born leader. Ainsley loves going to school, playing with her neighborhood friends, dancing, and playing make-believe with her Barbies-she has such a creative imagination. Like her parents, she has also taken up running as a hobby and has completed three official 5ks! Ainsley is the BEST big sister in the world. She is patient, loving, helpful, and creative and is her little sister's favorite person. Ainsley is always willing to read to Selah or teach her new things. She often helps us get Selah ready for bed at night. Ainsley is so ready to be a big sister again. She is just as excited about adoption as we are. Her nighttime prayers include asking God for another little baby to join our family.

Selah is almost three and has the cutest and silliest sense of humor. Her favorite thing right now is playing with her baby dolls; she is such a caring little mama to them. When we talk to her about a new little sibling joining our family, she talks about all the ways she's going to help with a new baby. She is very excited! Selah also enjoys coloring, dancing, swinging, and playing with her very patient kitty cat, Sophie.

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