Nate & Katie

Married in 2009

Nate & Katie

Married in 2009


2 children
Assistant Principal
Teacher Consultant
Waiting since

Adoption Preferences

Ethnicity: _No Preference, African American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Biracial, Caucasian, Hispanic/Latino, Middle Eastern, Native American
Age: 00-03 Months

About Us

Hello, and thank you for reading our story! We are honored that you would take the time to learn more about our family, and we thank you for the courageous choice that you are making! We met through mutual friends; however, it took some time before our friendship evolved into a dating relationship. In July of 2006, a friend of ours was getting married and told Nate, a groomsman, that he was required to bring a date to the wedding. Nate asked Katie to join him as his date, knowing that she knew many of the people attending the wedding and that they would have fun together. What started as a night with a friend ended as the beginning of our relationship. After dating for the rest of the summer, our relationship evolved into a long-distance relationship while Katie studied abroad in Costa Rica. Three years after that, we were married in a classic white-pillared church and an outdoor reception. It was the perfect way to celebrate with all of our friends and family! Three years after getting married, we decided to grow our family. Since then, we have been blessed with two girls. Our girls are loving, kind, creative, and fun. It is our desire to grow our family once more, and God has placed adoption on our hearts. We are looking forward to welcoming and loving another child, and the girls can't wait to have a baby brother or sister!

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