Noah & Madeline

Married in 4

Noah & Madeline

Married in 4


2 children
Pediatric Nurse
Waiting since

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Ethnicity: _No Preference, African American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Caucasian, Hispanic/Latino, Middle Eastern, Native American
Age: 00-03 Months

About Us

Hi! We are Noah and Madeline and we are so excited that you are reading our profile! Thank you! We know you must have a special heart to choose life and be considering an adoption plan for your baby.

We have been best friends since the 7th grade but didn’t start dating until high school. During our junior year of high school, we had an unexpected pregnancy. At the time, we also considered an adoption plan for our son, Theodore. It was with great support and many resources from our family and friends that we chose to parent our son. Theodore’s name means Gift of God and we truly believe that he is just that.

After Theodore was born in 2011, we continued dating and were married in 2018. We hoped to continue growing our family and had always talked about adoption. When doctors recommended Madeline not carry another baby after severe complications during her first pregnancy, it only confirmed our path. Eager to grow our family, we pursued adoption.

In June of 2020, our prayers were answered and another “Gift from God” joined our family through adoption; sweet Franklin. We feel that the timing is right and we are on the journey to adopt again. We have always wanted a big family (we just bought a minivan for our growing crew) and feel we have so much love to give to another little one.

Our Journal


Noah has such a fun, one-of-a-kind personality. He is social, energetic, hardworking, and most importantly, kind. Noah is the type of person who makes friends wherever he goes. Whether at the grocery store, the bank or little league games, people are just drawn to him and strike up a conversation. He really loves and lives life to the fullest!

After high school, Noah went to community college for a year. He earned his welding certificate, which introduced him to the world of construction. He now works for the family concrete business which allows him to have a flexible schedule. He is able to spend a lot of time at home with me and the boys!

Noah is such an involved dad. Watching him with the boys, it’s clear he is a big kid at heart. He is always the first offer to coach Theodore’s sports teams or chaperone a field trip. It seems he is constantly thinking of fun ideas for Theodore and Franklin, such as making indoor forts or throwing a dance party. He loves to play, be silly and just have fun.

To quote his own words, Noah is “really pumped to be a dad again.” His heart has so much love to give and I cannot wait to raise another child with him.

Fun Facts about Noah: 

  • He has completed a half iron man and two marathons!
  • His favorite foods are pizza and cookie dough.
  • He loves to go fishing and play pickleball.
  • He had to have belly button surgery as a baby.

I have known Madeline for over half of my life! We have truly grown up together. She is my best friend and we make a great parenting team. In her career as a pediatric nurse, at home taking care of our family and helping friends in need, she spends almost all of her waking hours serving others. Patient and loving, it’s clear to see that her passion is taking care of those around her. She is giving of her time and is kind to all.

Madeline is an amazing mother. She’ll be the first to tell you that “Mom” is her favorite title! The moment she brought our Theodore home at the age of 17, I could see she had a natural gift for motherhood. Family is her number one and she loves quality time spent together. Madeline enjoys taking the boys to the library for storytime, to the park for playtime and building legos with them. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t talk about the love and excitement she has for the child we hope to adopt. Everyone loves Madeline and I know if you meet her, you will too!


Fun Facts about Madeline:

  • She loves to bake cookies (if Noah doesn’t eat all the dough first!).
  • Otters are her favorite animals.
  • She volunteers as a Camp Nurse every summer.
  • She works her dream job as a school nurse for children with special needs!

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