Patrick & Anila

Married in 3

Patrick & Anila

Married in 3


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About Us

Salutations! We are Patrick and Anila, and we are truly thankful that you’ve chosen to read a little deeper into us and hear our desire for parenthood.

Our story begins in October of 2017 with an online wink. From there it became a test of endurance that we’re both happy to say we passed. Anila lived five thousand miles away in the beautiful country of Albania, which meant our relationship slowly built up over eight months of online discussions. Having a six-hour time difference probably should have made it tricky, but when we would talk after Patrick came home from work—10:00PM for Anila most nights—the real trick was saying goodbye!

While visiting Albania that next June, we both realized something special had found us. We fell in love in Albania, and when Anila visited Michigan later that summer, we took a trip to Mackinac Island, where Patrick proposed, and we married in June of 2019. A couple weeks later, we bought our home and have been building our life together since.

We had agreed from the beginning that having children was important to us. In fact, the dream of adoption had been on the table from the start, as well. Though we tried for a biological child in the first year, our desire was to one day adopt a child into our family. Having not been able to conceive yet, it made our decision to adopt an easy one. We are eager to begin our family and welcome a child with open hearts.

Our Journal


What I appreciate most about Patrick is his integrity; he tries to do the right thing even when no one is watching. He is a faithful friend, son, and husband. Patrick is always there for me; I can count on him every day. He is a devoted and loving husband, seeking to improve upon his role with each passing day, as well as trying to be a better person all around.

He has embraced the differences between cultures and always makes an effort to connect with my culture and family—he even strives to learn the Albanian language so he can communicate with my family members that don’t speak English. My family absolutely loves him, and they are so happy that I found the love of my life.

I believe Patrick was born to be a history teacher. His passion for history, reading, and his students is contagious. His favorite place is Barnes and Nobles, where he spends a great deal of time reading and writing. He also enjoys playing strategy games and watching sports.

I love that Patrick is much more spontaneous than I, and he helps me enjoy fun things without having to plan them. He is fun to be around and makes me laugh all the time! Often, I hear him singing when he is making dinner or cleaning the house.

I’m absolutely certain he would be an amazing father—he is loving, caring, and fun. I cannot wait to see him teach a child to be a person of utmost character and build a passion for learning, reading books, and playing sports!


Anila has built her life around putting the needs of others before her own. She lives a life of service, which made it all too easy for me to fall in love with her. I know she would put the needs of a child first, always.

Anila is empathetic and can connect with those around her almost instantly. She genuinely cares for everyone she meets. I am constantly in awe of her ability to strike up a conversation with someone she’s only just met, and how she looks for ways to bless that person from the moment they part ways. This is a love and a skill that she is able to share as a social worker.

Anila regularly seeks to improve any space she encounters, and her ideas range from subtly simplistic to brilliantly complex! She works hard to keep a clean environment in our home, for which I am incredibly grateful.

She inherently desires to make everything that enters her life better. Her unwavering vision has helped me to become a better man personally, spiritually, and professionally. What’s just as impressive is her desire to improve herself in the same way. She attempts new things and expands her horizons in an effort to meet others where they’re at or to find more enjoyment in life for herself and those closest to her.

I have never known another woman with her strength of heart, and it’s that heart and uncompromising desire of service that will make her a truly extraordinary mother to a child.

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