Zachary & Christina

Married in 2008

Zachary & Christina

Married in 2008


3 children
High School Teacher
Elementary School Teacher
Waiting since

Adoption Preferences

Ethnicity: African American, Asian/Pacific Islander, Biracial, Caucasian, Hispanic/Latino, Middle Eastern, Native American
Age: 00-03 Months

About Us

Hi, We’re Zac and Christi. The most important thing we hope you take from our profile is our strong belief in God. That is how we found each other, and how we were led to you. We believe that our Heavenly Father has a plan for your journey and we are incredibly grateful to be a part of that journey. We hope to provide laughter, strength, and unconditional love to the child we welcome into our home through adoption. Adoption is such a wonderful blessing for a child to be able not only to have two parents, four grandparents, five aunts, seven uncles, six cousins, and five great-grandparents to love on them but another whole birth family to show them, love. We have prayed, prepared, and waited for our opportunity to be parents. In the end, we cannot thank you enough for taking the time to share this journey with us. We hope you can find peace in your decision.

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